Fire or ice? Follow the money

James Hansen, the NASA honcho who gave many speeches and interviews charging the Bush administration with censoring him, has not been fired for his outbursts against administration policies, or restrained from speaking in any way.

James Hansen, the NASA eco-celebrity, was responsible for computer programming that overstated “global warming,” because he forgot to allow for the Y2K bug. His response to this discovery has been less than forthright.

This is not the first coding error Mr. Hansen has made regarding climate prediction. In an earlier effort he predicted a global ice age. Then he blamed imminent global freezing on the use of fossil fuel. Now he blames fossil fuel use for global warming. His agenda is consistent even if his conclusions are polar opposites. James Hansen has not been fired for incompetence.

The only federal scientist to have been fired for climate change heresy was William Happer. Under the Clinton administration, he dared to challenge Al Gore’s “settled science” on ozone. CFC (chloro-fluoro-carbon) damage to upper atmosphere ozone is a theory coming under significant doubt just in the last day.

James Hansen has not only not been fired or censored, he’s been richly rewarded. Hansen received nearly three-quarters of a million dollars from George Soros to enable his talk show circuit tour predicting we’d all regret it if we didn’t do what Al Gore commanded in his seriously flawed movie, An Inconvenient Truth. James Hansen has not only not even been inconvienced by censorship, or his own mistakes on both sides of the climate change question, he’s been richly rewarded by a secret sugar daddy.

If there’s outrage that some scientists get money from “big oil'” where is it for huge contributions from “big currency speculation?” As the United Kingdom has reason to know, George Soros is a very dangerous man. In part, the existence of such men led to passage of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill, against which this blog has railed since its inception. We were led there in two ways. One, a fear of political manipulation by modern robber barons. Two, a secret campaign by those very robber barons to silence the rest of us.

This manipulation of public opinion on climate change is in common with the Soros/Pew Foundation effort to make Campaign Finance Reform seem like it was a grassroots demand when it was anything but. Soros’ objective was to eliminate your abilty to speak through the National Rifle Association or the National Organization for Women. He pretty much succeeded. Unless you can spare $750K, you can’t buy a NASA scientist. Worse, sixty days before an election, when the vast majority of Americans actually begin to pay attention to public policy, you can’t speak any louder than your individual pocketbook allows. Size matters. Soros knows it.

The solution to this problem, which Mr. Soros assiduously avoids, is transparency. We need complete and immediate publication of all such funding. It would have made a difference to Mr. Hansen’s credibility if we had known of Soros funding, and it would have made a difference if we had known Soros secretly gave millions to promote Campaign Finance Reform.

2 thoughts on “Fire or ice? Follow the money”

  1. ” Hansen received nearly three-quarters of a million dollars from George Soros”Sorry; that statement is simply false.Read the report you referenced and you’d notice that it said that Hansen received legal and media advice. They then go on to use the weasel words “as much as $720,000″.What does “as much as” mean? Very little, as it turns out. Drilling down through to the actual Soros foundation report that they got their information form, Soros funded OSI which funded the “government accountability project” to the tune of $100,000 (notice how suddenly the number value gets smaller and smaller the more you examine it? “as much as” indeed), and that project gave Hansen “advice”.”Follow the money”? Sure. Money to Hansen from Soros: total=zero.