Morose by any other name

Alice the Camel reports on Quebecer Caroline Parent’s challenge to a Provincial law that prohibits any woman from taking her husband’s surname upon marriage.

I was living in Canada in 1981 when this law was passed, but I don’t even remember it. There was no outrage over it at the time. It may have been buried by other arcane goings on in La belle province.

Quebec, for Americans unfamiliar, is the same Province that bans English-only signs and mandates some be French-only. I suppose Mrs. Ex-Parent is lucky they’re not forcing her to change her maiden to Pèreoumère.

The feminist impulses that cemented this idiocy into statute presume women are too dumb and/or timid to keep their maiden names, as would a proper feminist, unless they’re forced to do it. When gender feminists prattle about choice, they mean their choices and nobody else’s. Lèse majesté.

I wonder if Caroline Parent can still change her name through a court procedure, as could a man? Can a man in Quebec legally take his wife’s surname without such extraordinary legal effort?

Tell me again about how feminism has benefited women? Arret!

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