Code Pink-burqa

Video: Jihad the Musical

I laughed out loud. Loved the pink burqas with the face-grids looking like medieval armor. Bring it to Wharton Center, I’ll attend.

The criticism from CAIR and its fellow-moessafiers should be at least as entertaining. here’s the foreshadowing:

..a petition has been launched on Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Downing Street website.

“We the undersigned petition the prime minister to condemn the tasteless portrayal of terrorism and its victims in ‘Jihad The Musical,’ says the online protest.

How, one wonders, would suicide bombing as a political strategy for world domination be satirized tastefully (is this not an oxymoron in the case)? What, for example, would be the “tasteful” portrayal of coercing your own children to blow themselves up?

The mention of victims is a mendacious afterthought, of course, since without the terrorists’ “tasteless” murders there wouldn’t be any victims. The petition signers are tasked to defend a bunch of religious-fundamentalist psychopaths against being “portrayed tastelessly.” Apparently the originators of the petition are unfamiliar with the word “ridicule.” But “condemn the ridicule of terrorism” would somewhat dash their hopes, wouldn’t it?

Jihad the Musical is satire about the most evil butchers we’ve seen on the world stage in a century, “tasteless” is required for the challenge and necessary to the art. Sadly, those who should be most roundly defending the ridicule of terrorists, not to mention stupid petitions, are backtracking already:

Producer James Lawler sought to downplay the protest. “We have no intention of causing offence or insult with this show. It is simply a musical comedy,” he said.

Disappointing, James. Disappointing. If you can’t give ’em Hell, could you at least consider giving ’em Purgatory? Or even a good taunting? Oh, right, that’s what you’re apologizing for.

No books, Brits, Christians, cartoons, movies, Hindus, directors, Pakistanis, authors, Buddhists, politicians, Koreans, Jews, gays, Americans, innocent airline passengers, speakers who might mention CAIR’s status as unindicted co-conspirator in a case involving funding terrorists, women or Iraqis were overtly threatened with desecration or beheading – whichever would be appropriate to the physical characteristics – in the making of this play.

The 72 virgins were not even mentioned however, and I consider that pretty tasteless.