Obamarama III Oops?

Well, I found another person who’s seen the Choice Hotels ad and I’m told it isn’t Barack Obama. Pity, the speculation was fun. It is a lookalike, though. When I told my wife it probably wasn’t Obama she said, “Really, it sure looks like him.”

As I said in the first post on the topic “If it is not Mr. Obama, and just really superior animatronics, a product of Pixar, a clone or John Edwards in black-face – there’s a lawsuit in the offing.” We’ll see.

It does seem to be appearing on Fox News Channel, so I hope to get another look at it.

1 thought on “Obamarama III Oops?”

  1. Hey. He’s also in a Subway commercial where he and his wife order at the counter of a McDonald’s-type place. If you search: commercial barack obama subway… you’ll find a post on it, too. You’ve gotta assume these companies knew what they were doing hiring someone who so vividly evokes a current presidential candidate. I need to find a website devoted to commercials and their actors…