Happy Birthday Canada

Canada has a great deal to celebrate today, though many defining events won’t be foremost in Canadian minds. I’m thinking of Vimy Ridge, Dieppe and D-Day, to make a short list.

Today, the concept of “Canada” still inspires idealistic people, many of them very young, to put themselves in harm’s way in the defence of each and every person living in a Western Democracy.

Thank you Private Robert Costall, Corporal Matthew Dinning, Bombardier Myles Mansell, Lieutenant William Turner, Sgt. Marc Leger, Cpl. Ainsworth Dyer, Pte. Richard Green, Pte. Nathan Smith, Cpl. Anthony Boneca, Master Cpl. Arron Perry and Captain Nichola Goddard. Your heroism in the defense of Western Civilization should be eternally remembered.

I know I have not listed all the Canadian heroes who deserve a special thanks every day, much less on Canada Day. If you browse, you will find a full dedication at The Torch.