Even Goldwater Girls Get the Blues

In commenting on Scooter Libby’s jail time commutation, I did say I didn’t much care about the Clintonian pardon escapades:

I point these things out not because I much care about the Clinton perjury record, or his pardon legacy, but to show that the superheated Demorcrat and MSM commentary on Bush’s commutation of Libby is self-serving hyberbole. Yawn.

…and I didn’t at the time.

But, Hillary felt compelled to comment on the “immorality” of this commutation, in order to shore-up her far-left credentials with the Moonbat wing of Democrat primary voters. Hillarypocrisy has changed my mind. She actually said: “This commutation sends the clear signal that in this Administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice.”

Cronyism? Ideology? Ah, Hillary, have you been dabbling in the propranolol experiments or are you simply the brazen hypocrite the majority of Americans think you are? You dare comment on a single pardon by George Bush given your husband’s record? You have the balls to speak of cronyism and ideology? In the former you set the standard with the Travel Office firings, and in the latter you hadn’t any.

You speak this foolish twaddle when it would take the village idiot not to realize that we must clearly add nepotism to your husband’s pardon record? As pointed out here, your husband pardoned:

Roger Clinton, his half-brother.

Marc Rich, ex-husband of a woman who contributed over one-and-a-half million dollars to Clinton causes – including over half a million directly to Bill and to you: $450 thousand to the Clinton library and $100 thousand to your Senate campaign. The other million was given to the Democrat Party. Aren’t you glad we have Campaign Finance Reform?

Carlos A. Vignali and Almon Braswell, a higher level drug dealer and a poor imitation of Ivan Boesky, respectively, who had each paid $200,000 to your brother so that he, Hugh Rodham, would lobby for their pardons.

That I was not initially exercised about your husband’s historical record on pardons is evidenced by the fact that I knew about, but did not previously mention, these cronyist and CYA pardons:

Susan McDougal, a four time felony loser in the Whitewater Development scandal – over which President Clinton plea bargained away a perjury trail.

Henry Cisneros, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during your husband’s first term in office. He was convicted of lying to FBI agents during a background check. Shades of Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby.

Former CIA Director John Deutch, who faced criminal charges over improper storage of national secrets on a home computer.

Kalmen Stern, David Goldstein, Benjamin Berger and Jacob Elbaum: Four Jewish men convicted of stealing $40 million from taxpayers for a fake school in the Hasidic community of New Square. Hillary, you knew about the request for this set of pardons before they were granted.

Sen. Clinton said that although she attended a White House meeting in which the pardon issue was raised, “I never made any view known.”

…she refused to talk about the controversial pardons of the four New York Hasidic Jews by her husband. New Square voted 1359-10 for the first lady – although other nearby Hasidic enclaves voted 3480-152 for Clinton’s GOP opponent, former Rep. Rick Lazio.

To review, Mr. Clinton pardoned:

  1. his brother,
  2. the ex-husband of a major financial contributor,
  3. two convicted criminals whose pardon was urged by your brother,
  4. a person whose knowledge of the Whitewater scam could have landed your husband (and maybe you) in jail – against which possibility he plea-bargained away a federal perjury trial,
  5. two members of his own cabinet,
  6. and four individuals from whose clemency you arguably obtained an electoral advantage.

You, Hillary, have accused George Bush of cronyism and ideological corruption.

It is too late for you to become a credible candidate by demonstratimg you comprehend the definition of the word “shame.” Your naked ambition and considered amorality account for the fact that more than half of Americans say they would not vote for you.

Hillary, you were a Goldwater girl. Surely, you remember Barry standing on the floor of the Senate in opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act because he believed it unconstitutional? He was running for President then, but he found principle more important than power.

What happened to you?