C’mon Captain,

…layoff the personal grooming attacks on John Edwards, will ya? Next, Elizabeth will be calling you out.

Who Knew $400 Was A Discount?

…For the record, the issue on this point isn’t the cost of the haircuts, but the fact that Edwards paid for them with campaign contributions.

…When the story broke in mid-April, that was the real scandal — that a rich lawyer and hedge-fund manager would eat up money sent by his contributors to get him elected on Hollywood-level hairdos. He has plenty of his own money for hair stylists and spa days. The Washington Post apparently didn’t ask who footed the bill for that $1250 haircut, but I’d suspect that came from campaign coffers as well.

Now it looks like Edwards has an honesty problem as well as questionable use of campaign funds. This wasn’t some one-off; Edwards has used Torrenueva for over three years. The Edwards campaign’s attempt to spin this as a single case of bad judgment by a staffer shows a less-than-honest approach to errors by Edwards, which should concern people considering his candidacy seriously, a number that appears to drop on a weekly basis anyway.”

In the Captain’s defense, it must be noted that John Edwards hair is a campaign issue, because he brought it up and the Washington Post devoted over 800 words to it in July 2004. A Hair’s-Breadth From the Presidency, “Hair has become a central issue in the race for the presidency.”