I’ve looked at clouds from no sides now…

As TOC has noted. Clouds are also known as part of the “water cycle.”

Sundaymail.com.au notes a very interesting comment by Kevin Trenberth, an IPCC honcho advisor with a distinct interest in computer-assisted climate modeling, on the IPCC predictions that form the basis of “Climate Change” panic in general, and ALGore’s “Inconvenient Truth” fauxumentary in particular. This is indeed inconvenient for Al.

It seems to cast the IPCC reports in exactly the same way global warming skeptics have done.

Forecasts all up in the air does a nice job of explaining Trenberth’s post, so read it all. Here’s the intro:

KEVIN Trenberth is head of the large US National Centre for Atmospheric Research and one of the advisory high priests of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

A New Zealander by birth, Trenberth has had a distinguished career as a climate scientist with interests in the use of computer General Circulation Models (GCMs), the basis for most of the public alarm about dangerous global warming.

When such a person gives an opinion about the scientific value of GCMs as predictive tools, it is obviously wise to pay attention.

You can read the original Kevin Trenberth post at Nature’s climate feedback blog here.

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Update: 8:07PM
More Algoreisms refuted.
Alarmist global warming claims melt under scientific scrutiny