Hillary Update

More on Hillary’s plans for you:

Hillary Clinton has identified a grievous flaw in the contemporary American economy: It leaves “it all up to the individual.” This hateful individualism is allegedly driving income inequality and destroying the American Dream.

Clinton calls it “the ‘on your own’ society,” displaying a liberal Democrat’s curious aversion to people doing things on their own. In contrast, she offers a collectivist vision of “shared responsibility for shared prosperity,” making the case for it based on a farrago of mistruths about the state of the economy.

HillaryCare Blooms
All the Democratic health plans spurn market-based reforms.

The HillaryCare experiment ended badly in 1994, but Democrats are back in the universal health-care laboratory. All the party’s major Presidential candidates have or will introduce plans, and last week Hillary Clinton presented the first part of hers. The former First Lady joked that she’s “tangled with this issue before” and has “the scars to show for it.” But the lesson she seems to have learned is political, not substantive–that is, make any plans for government control gauzy and incremental, not grandiose.

“Incremental” is straight out of the statist playbook. You’re the frog sitting in the pan of water. Hillary is going to turn up the stove.

Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hugo Rafael Chavez. Both HRC’s consider themselves emdodiments of the state.