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U of M Dearborn proceeds with First Amendment violation: Update from Dearborn Underground here.

…Which only leads to our next question: Why does Dawud Walid and CAIR-Michigan presume to speak, not for the MSA and the Muslim students at UM-Dearborn, but for “the Muslim community” in its entirety? In addressing a secondary issue of whether or not area Muslims, instead of taxpayers, should be paying for the foot baths, Mr. Walid says on his blog (“Regarding funding of the “footbaths”), quote:

“The Muslim community has not stated that it would not fund the foot washing area. It would if need be.

“Since the school’s position is that this is a public safety issue, which is not promoting one religion over others and that civil rights lawyers, Muslim and Non-Muslims, have informed us that the ‘footbaths’ being built with student activity fees is not unconstitutional, the need to privately fund the ‘footbaths’ does not appear to be incumbent.”

(The “incumbent” in question is likely John Dingell.) Of course they’re saying it’s “public safety.” What else can they say? If they admitted it was for religious reasons they’d have to fund a creche on University grounds at Christmas.

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