The Z-1 Bomb Project

Mark Steyn writes about our elected representatives’ efforts to build a cultural-Balkanization-of-America accelerator, while they simultaneously explode the myth of border security.

…As for the notion that dumping a population the size of four mid-size European Union nations into the lap of America’s arthritic “legal immigration” (please, no tittering; apparently, there is still such a thing) bureaucracy will lead to tougher enforcement and rigorous scrutiny and lots of other butch-sounding stuff, well, if that were the case, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place. You can declare that “illegal” now mean “legal” very easily; to mandate that “incompetent” now means “competent” is a tougher proposition.

Of course, John McCain is in the thick of it:

But, as John McCain declared, “This is what the legislative process is all about” — and in the sense that it’s a sloppily drafted bottomless pit of unintended consequences on a potentially cosmic scale whose sweeping “reforms” will inevitably require even more sweeping reforms of the reforms in a year or two’s time, he’s quite right. Also, as Senator McCain says, “This is what bipartisanship is all about.”

What “bipartisanship” means here is that when George Bush signs this ill-begotten amnesty the Democrats will be able to blame it on Republicans while demanding voting rights for non-citizens. The GOP will richly deserve the consequences.

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