Pedal extremism

I think Debbie Schlussel knows that “separation of church and state” is not Constitutionally mandated the way the UofM administratskiiy think it is. This decision actually does violate the establishment clause, as well as liberals own flawed interpretation of it. So how do they justify it? I’m quite sure the word “diversity” appears somewhere in their explanation.

And, BTW, we have a budget crisis in this state. The next time you hear the University of Michigan complain about funding, you will want to remember how they spend your money.

EXCLUSIVE: So Long Church/State Separation: University of Michigan to Fund Muslim Footbaths

Forget about the Constitutionally mandated separation of church and state … at least when it comes to mosque and state.

When students return in the fall, the University of Michigan-Dearbornistan is set to have Muslim footbaths in at least two locations.

And your tax funds are paying for it.

Schlussel supplies several links to assist you in protesting this dhimmitude. Read the rest, she deserves the traffic.