…leaders will play to people’s fears

TOC noted on February 14th that Governor Granholm’s husband, Dan Mulhern, would be better off away from radio waves. Generating them, that is.

It is hard to understand why WJIM has given him his own show after this guest host debacle. WJIM is a local source for Limbaugh and Hannity, so perhaps Mulhern’s show is a way to fend off re-imposition of the so-called “fairness doctrine.” Kudos for the attempt WJIM, but, if Mulhern’s show is the price, it is enough to make one reconsider one’s opposition to said doctrine.

February was an especially bad month for Mulhern. He also committed an interview, reported on Right Michigan, which cut a little close to home: From the lips of her husband to your ears…

As it is not being reported in the Lansing State Journal, the legislature has come up with $6 billion in cuts – the House and Senate have to hammer out the compromise. Here’s where the House and Senate stand: Nearly $600 million in spending cuts… without closing down schools! Granholm apparently missed out on her husband’s leadership training program.