Don Imus’ secret agenda revealed.

The sacking of Don Imus: The rise (and fall) of the shock jock
The right-wing US broadcasters who fill the air with invective operate way beyond the conventions of good taste. But now one of them has gone too farBy Andrew Buncombe
Published: 14 April 2007

Apparently I had Don Imus’ political orientation all wrong and so did Imus.

The reaction to Imus’ recent repetition of a commonly heard black cultural riff, though typical of his entire sorry career, has been instructive. Some say the market made the decision that Imus should be fired. I wonder though, if the tiny Imus audience would have abandoned him. My suspicion is that they would not have, so the advertiser dollars would have reached the same number of people pre and post the incidence of boot-in-mouth disease.

I suspect the market was getting ready to speak, but it never actually had the opportunity. This would take a month or three. The indignation from indignitaries like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson was joined by Barack Obama. When Presidential candidates start calling for a talk show host’s firing it makes me wonder what they think the First Amendment is about.

Ironically, Imus is a leftist being excoriated by the left for exercising free speech. I recall the Left’s protests that the Dixie Chicks were being “censored” when they were, in fact, just being boycotted. No one shook down the record company executives, they just ran over Dixie Chicks CDs with their pickup trucks.

It shouldn’t depend on who it is that’s speaking, but it seems to. People who own pickup trucks are idiots if they react to the free speech of the Dixie Chicks, old white males are pariahs if they repeat the common phrases of black millionaires in the “music” industry.

The ACLU is protecting the right of NAZIs to march in black neighborhoods, but they are silent on Imus being attacked by black fascists. Can the ACLU can only respect the speech rights of fascists? Imus should be an ACLU poster child. He’s left-wing, and he simply echoed popular culture. He mouthed something that certainly hasn’t bothered Al Sharpton, or the ACLU, in a decade. Sharpton, a poster child of another sort, has easily acquiesed to the idea that black rappers should not be held to standards he demands of others.

What Sharpton is proposing is that whites, by virtue of their pigmentation, do not possess the moral authority to even mention black on black racism. Sharpton says we need to regulate what is going on on the airwaves. Bill Cosby says, “I’m looking at you Detroit. It’s not what they’re doing to us, it’s what you’re not doing.” The difference is that Sharpton makes his money from perpetuating the portrayal of blacks as victims.

Strong, successful, self-confident – and arguably privileged persons – of any color or sex should not be seen weeping about having their lives ruined by some marginal idiot’s speech. It makes them look like victims instead of champions; wimps instead of winners. The Rutgers women could have just said, “Up yours, Imus. You’re a blathering fool not worthy of attention, as your audience demonstrates.” They’d rather be victims, it seems. Sharpton says, “Assume the position.” and they do.

This is unfortunate timing, though. If collegiate athletes’ lives have been ruined lately by racist posturing, I’d say the Duke lacrosse team could make a better case. The reason I mention it is because Al Sharpton is a central figure there, too, and he hasn’t apologized to anybody. He can’t. It might reduce funding. His market is of a different sort than Imus’.

I’m indifferent to whether Don Imus has a radio show or not. What he said was despicable, and I’d have fired him. I’d fire Rosie O’Donnel, too. But, unlike Al, I’m not in charge.

The point is that if 350K people still wanted to listen to Imus, the First Amendment says they can. I think that point got lost, and the collective market indignation that might have been brought to bear on, say, the ACLU/NAZI alliance in Cinncinnati seems to have dissipated. Too bad the ACLU does not have an identifiable radio show.

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  1. Don Imus can go anywhere he wants and state “nappy haired ho’s”, AS LONG AS THE PERSON GIVING HIM THAT FORUM ALLOWS IT.MSNBC and his radio station obviously didn’t and have every right to fire him. You are correct, those 350K people can listen to him…as soon as they buy their own radio station.