Western Civ 101

JR sends this link – Moral equivalence revived.

The money quote is, “Surely, we can talk about this.” You’ll need to RTWT to appreciate it. Go do that. …

With that perspective, we are surely ready to talk about whether even considering sanctioning discrimination against taxi passengers who carry alcohol is moral relativism gone amok. We can discuss whether Target cashiers can co-opt their fellow employees to do the cashiers work because the cashiers won’t touch bacon. We could even examine whether staging a disruptive pray-in to Allah in an American airport, and then praising Osama bin-Laden while boarding a flight, should be considered a bit over the top civilization-wise.

“Western” doesn’t even enter into it.

Update: 7:30PM. Same point, different jurisdictions: Muslim Mau-mauing , Closeup of Aliville , It’s multiculturalism backsliding month! , Minnesota’s Multiculturalist Push