Hope for the French?

“It is hard to be loved by idiots…”

The far left French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has been acquitted on charges of insulting Muslims. A year ago, while certain Muslims were practicing uncivil disobedience over a few caricatures of Muhammed, Charlie Hebdo published it’s own “defamation of the prophet”
(above) while re-publishing the famous Jyllands Posten cartoons. Charlie Hebdo’s contribution was noted by TOC here. They were sued by The Paris Grand Mosque and the Union of French Islamic Organizations. Charlie Hebdo won, in a French court.

H/T to ¡No Pasarán!, who have kindly republished the Jyllands Posten cartoons that sparked riots and murder in Muslim regions worldwide. Perhaps it will be calmer now that a French court says freedom of speech is OK?