Farm Support the Troops

If the Republicans are hopelessly fiscally irresponsible – and they are – the Democrats bring a whole new meaning to the phrase. Democrats think they won the last election because they oppose the war, and they appear to believe that their promises to be cost conscious if returned to power have succumbed to the influence of some form of Alzheimer’s disease peculiar to “likely voters.”

They’ve combined their delusion with their expectation of our dementia, to produce 3.7 billion dollars in pork-barrel spending attached to the war supplemental funding bill. Who knew there were emergencies in spinach farming and peanut storage requiring the immediate infusion of 99 million dollars in order to support the troops? You think maybe a lot of our soldiers in Iraq enlisted right off the spinach farm, and that there’s a big contingent of National Guardsmen who work in peanut silos when they’re not killing al-Qaeda? Where’s the earmark for reducing the troops’ carbon footprint through offsets from financing windfarms off Nantucket Sound?

It gets worse. The Club for Growth has the whole thing.