Dispensing with Justice

Bill Clinton lies under oath to Federal authorities about sex between consenting adults. He’s impeached for this perjury, but not convicted.

Clinton advisor Sandy Berger steals and destroys top secret national security documents under subpoena by a Senate Committee, and then lies about the crime under oath to Federal authorities.

Cheny advisor Scooter Libby is convicted of lying under oath to Federal authorities about some conversations with third parties in regard to a crime that was never committed. And even if it had been committed, senior State Department official Richard Armitage has confessed to it.

So which one should face 25 years in prison, which one should have his law license suspended, and which one should be fined $10,000?

Fade to Martha Stewart covering Joan Baez’ Blessed Are… “…what comes to one must come to us all isn’t justice for all.”

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