3 topics – related only via statist intent

1- TOC has previously commented on Ayaan Hirsi Ali here and here. Today we look at a Christopher Hitchens piece on this heroine.

She’s No Fundamentalist
What people get wrong about Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

“The enlightenment driven away … ” This very strong and bitter line came back to me when I saw the hostile, sneaky reviews that have been dogging the success of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s best seller Infidel, which describes the escape of a young Somali woman from sexual chattelhood to a new life in Holland and then (after the slaying of her friend Theo van Gogh) to a fresh exile in the United States. Two of our leading intellectual commentators, Timothy Garton Ash (in the New York Review of Books) and Ian Buruma, described Hirsi Ali, or those who defend her, as “Enlightenment fundamentalist[s].” In Sunday’s New York Times Book Review, Buruma made a further borrowing from the language of tyranny and intolerance and described her view as an “absolutist” one.

I like to think of myself as an “enlightenment fundamentalist,” it seems synonymous with “classical liberal.” And who would be the other side of this debate, “Dark Ages relativists?”

2- Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff gives us a short course in, and a great link about, the Employee Free Choice Act; an Orwellian demonstration of why Democrat Party is a more appropriate appellation than Democratic Party.

This bill outlaws the secret ballots now required for forming a labor union. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always considered a secret ballot as fundamental requirement for a democracy. If public ballots are OK for forming a union, why doesn’t it work for general elections? We could count the hanging chads as people dropped their ballots off, and “correct” them immediately.

…passed by the House as the Dems gift to its union supporters

A union will be certified as the bargaining representative of employees upon its presentation to the National Labor Relations Board of cards by a majority of employees in the bargaining unit. In other words, no election. So instead of making the decision about whether to be represented by a union in private and in secret, employees can be subjected to all manner of coercion.

3- Biofuel. Ecologically friendly?

How far can you drive on a bushel of corn? As the race to board the alternative-fuel bandwagon heats up, Popular Mechanics discovers the truth about bio fuels in a special report.

ADM is a buy. The Rainforest is a sell. We aren’t going to drop the tariff, because Bush isn’t a free trader and ADM has too much lobby power – even though it would mean a significant increase in ethanol use in the US.

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  1. It takes 1.5 gallons of ethanol to produce the same energy as one gallon of gasoline. It also consumes energy to produce ethanol, carbon-based energy. Those John Deere’s burn diesel fuel; the trains delivering the corn to the plant burn diesel fuel; the ethanol plants themselves use electricity which (thanks to Jane Fonda) is made by burning coal or natural gas; the chemical fetilizer used to grow the corn, and the pesticide to kill the corn borers….. or you get the idea.Envrionmentalist is a word that could be staight from Orwell’s 1984.