Pino Noir

Is it OK to question this guy’s patriotism? I ask, because he is on the public dime.

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Yesterday afternoon, I logged on to the “Global War” blog ( of Associate Professor Julio Pino – a Muslim convert who teaches at Kent State University. The heading for the site used to read “The Worldwide Web of Jihad: Daily News from the Most Dangerous Muslim in America.” Now it reads “Are You Prepared for Jihad?” IN THE NAME OF OBL. 2007: THE YEAR OF ISLAMIC VICTORY!”

Hardly able to believe what I was reading, I called Pino at his office in Ohio around 4 p.m. According to his secretary, he had not been at work that day (he only has office hours two days of the week). He was drawing a paycheck from the people of the State of Ohio while trying to launch a Jihad against people like me. In fact, just five minutes before I called he posted an entry under the title “Crusaders Can’t Take Anymore in Afghanistan!”

Pino began his morning of not going into his office at Kent State by penning a post under the title “Frightened British Crusaders Rush More Troops to Occupied Afghanistan.” Using terms like “occupation” and “Crusaders” it isn’t really necessary to read these posts in order to ascertain who this employee of the State of Ohio is rooting for in the War on Terror. …

Professor Pino apparently teaches Latin American History at Kent State. One of his courses is titled “History of Women in Latin America,” about which he writes:

The major challenge I have faced in preparing the class to write their essays has been confronting the stereotypes that students brought with them concerning gender in Latin America. Too many Americans think they know all about how females and males are supposed to behave south of the United States border with Mexico. American-made movies, television news and popular magazines all portray a land filled with aggressive machos addicted to a cult of virility and patient Marias—the humble females who dedicate themselves to the spiritual and moral sphere of life, sacrificing everything for the family. I have tried to get students to reflect on the socio-economic roots of such behavior, and why women of the lower classes are particularly at risk from both physical violence and sexual discrimination. These are: the prevalence in many countries of an agro-export economy with few jobs for women; the low-levels of industrialization which consign many urban women to housework; the high illiteracy rates, especially in the countryside; and the denial of political rights by authoritarian regimes. Few of my students, raised in middle class America, are comfortable with the idea that economic growth can come at the expense of women, a theme pursued in Third World feminist literature but not by the American press.

My class has normally attracted a dozen students, with a minority of females. …

You can only wonder how he reconciles his condemnation of “physical violence and sexual discrimination” directed at Latin American females with Islamist misogyny. That is probably “left to the student.”

There are obvious holes in the education of Kent State students, and the Chairman of the History Department should move to fill them by requiring the uniquely qualified Professor Pino to prepare 3 courses titled:

  1. “Comparative Feminism: Origins of Islamist Practices of Clitorectomy and Honor Killing as a Factor in Unemployment Among Latin American Females.”
  2. “Female Illiteracy under the Taliban: Consequences of Female Education as a Capital Offense.”
  3. “The Benefits of Religio-Patriarchal Extremism for Islamic Women.”

Pino thinks he’s good at “confronting the stereotypes.” This would be a chance to 1- put a whole new spin on the Honor Killing stereotype of “sacrificing everything for the family,” 2- demonstrate that not even a “minority of females” are fit to be educated, and 3- since most Latin Americans are Catholics, give the Pope some much needed relief from NOW’s criticisms.

Oh, and the entire History faculty should be required to attend, and attain at least a “C” grade in these important studies, as a condition of continued employment. Either that, or all students signing up for his classes must read the Professor’s blog and write a report demonstrating they understand his writings.

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