Mr. Jennifer Granholm, aka First Gentleman Dan Mulhern, was guest host on WJIM’s Michael Patrick Shiels’ show this morning. Mulhern perpetrated an “interview” with Senator Carl Levin on a topic for which he (Mulhern) was singularly ill prepared. The topic was a recent report by some Inspector General or other.

I put it that way because Mr. Mulhern did not know which Inspector General this was, what department the person serves or even if this person was male or female. For the record, that is the Department of Defense – where Mr. Thomas E. Gimble is Acting Inspector General.

Mr. Mulhern’s abysmal ignorance did not prevent him from handing a soapbox to Senator Carl Levin, after an introduction so effusive as to bring tears to one’s eyes – if one’s name is Carl Levin. Most everyone else probably found themselves tending more toward emesis than lachrymation.

Levin seized the otherwise dead air to reiterate the myth that George Bush had claimed there was a direct connection between the 9/11 terrorists and Saddam Hussein. That Bush never claimed this is well known. That there were connections between al-Qaeda and Hussein is well documented. TOC, courtesy of Power Line Video, posted a cut from ABC News demonstrating this here.

Mr. Mulhern had no idea there is an alternate point of view on this topic. I mean, some androgynous, anonymous Inspector General’s report – a report you’ve obviously never even seen summarized – must be interpreted solely by Carl Levin. I’m sure this gullibility made it easier for Mulhern to treat one of the most partisan of the players involved in the issue as a latter-day combination of Diogenes and Lincoln.

He could have Googled “Inspector General” – Gimble is the first hit. He could have checked the blogs – wingnut or moonbat. He could even have read the Washington Post, which recently had to abjectly apologize for confusing the IG’s report with polemics issued by Carl Levin’s office in 2004. From this effort could have arisen an interesting question or three.

It was not to be, Mulhern wasn’t even informed enough to confuse these issues, much less ask an intelligent question. Pitiful, just pitiful.

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