If Jobs Really Matter ……

Posted for Paladin, who is temporarily disconnected:

Jobs. Michigan needs more jobs. Ask anyone. Read any newspaper. Listen to any politician. More jobs are what we need. Better jobs are what we need. Manufacturing jobs are what we need.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in the 20 years between 1986 and 2006 right-to-work States like Alabama, Texas, and South Carolina added 104,000 auto industry jobs while union-fair-play States like Michigan, New York, and Ohio have lost 130,000 auto industry jobs.

Union membership in the United States has gone from 34% in the fifties to 12% in 2006. How much longer can Michigan afford to ride this curve? Where are the politicians who really do care about jobs? And why don’t we elect them?

Unions were needed in the 1930s. Unions thrived from 1945-1970 in the environment of the auto industry quasi-monopoly. And as long as the monopoly lasted, Michigan’s “fair play” laws could not do serious damage.

Those days are gone. Only free markets for capital, goods, and labor can restore Michigan’s greatness.