Apropos of recent TOC posts

1-Captain’s Quarters on the Minneapolis Islamo-cabbies:

Muslim Taxi Showdown In Twin Cities

…Why have we heard so few complaints about this attempt to impose Islam on cab customers? Because of oversensitivity to multicultural issues. The MSA [Muslim Society of America] and its apologists want us to consider the religious and cultural sensitivities of the cabdrivers, but again, no one forced them to take jobs where they could come in contact with people who have service dogs or bottles of wine. Should a restaurant end its alcohol sales if it hires a Muslim waiter? Should supermarkets ban service dogs if it hires a Muslim cashier?* No. It is the responsibility of the immigrant to assimilate into our culture and to obey our laws, not the other way around.

Most immigrants already know this. Most Muslim immigrants, I’d wager, believe it. It’s organizations like the Muslim Society of America that insists on silly edicts and their weak-minded followers that cause all of the problem, and it’s the failure of Americans to insist on assimilation that perpetuates it.

*As The Other Club pointed out in October, “Or wear a yarmulke, or go without a veil, or have an “unclean” seeing-eye dog, or carry a pound of bacon, or possess any depiction of the prophet, or… well you get the idea.”

2-The New Hampshire Union Leader on Representative Keith Ellison swearing his Congressional oath on the Koran:

Keith Ellison’s oath: The Koran and the Constitution

…Those who hoped to compel Ellison to swear on the Bible really wanted a religious test for national office, something the former owner of Ellison’s Koran would have found horrifying.

People are asked to swear on the Bible not to show religious loyalty, but to subject themselves to a higher authority. The idea is that breaking an oath to the people is easy; breaking an oath to God is not. The people cannot see what you do behind closed doors. God can.

Making someone swear to a God in which he does not believe is as useful as making him swear to the Easter Bunny.

Ellison believes in Allah, and now he has sworn to Allah that he will uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States. Good. Now we know that he most likely took his oath seriously. Let’s hope he takes the Constitution more seriously than did those who wanted to force him to swear on their religious book.

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