The MiSM

(i) is for idiot, or idiocy, ot idiotic… It is an “ism.”

Kate McMillan asks:

…why is it that an industry that produces mere words and facts, that is stacked with university graduates, political celebrities and academics, which serves as a fundamental underpinning of our western democracy, does not hold their members to the standard of performance expected of a nameless welder in an auto repair shop?

How is it that reporters and editors can fail so profoundly, so routinely, with such utter internal unaccountably – and not lose their accreditation to issue a newspaper or news broadcast?

…They simply cannot have missed this story – I see their ip addresses in my logfiles.

Kate mentions Boston Herald City Editor Jules Crittenden’s piece – Say no to AP’s shoddy work, a preview eulogy for the MSM.

Crittendon’s article is linked at other sources TOC has referenced, but if you haven’t already read it, now’s a good time.