Socialized health care choices

An illustration of the major question about “free” health care. How does the government decide between tax-payer funding for sex-change operations as compared to cancer detection MRIs?
Half of Canada’s cancer treatment centres already fail to deliver critical treatment in timely fashion.

TORONTO — Ontario is discriminating against transsexuals by refusing to pay for their sex changes, a coalition of academics and transsexuals said yesterday as they urged the province to join others whose tax dollars already cover the controversial procedure. Martine Stonehouse, who is in the final stages of her sex-change operation, said such procedures are vital to the mental health of transsexuals. The cost of the surgery is nothing compared to the mental anguish suffered by those who can’t afford it, she said. The human rights of transsexuals have been violated ever since the former Conservative government cancelled public coverage of sex-change operations in 1998, said Stonehouse.

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Let us grant the premise that the “cost of surgery is nothing compared to the mental anguish suffered by those who can’t afford it.” So what? That does not make it a human right and it does not mean I should have to pay for any part of it.

The government is indeed discriminating. That is it’s job. It should get out of that business, lower taxes and let transsexuals keep their own money in order to buy this operation. That way, those to whom the “cost of surgery is nothing in comparison to” __________ (fill in the blank), can pay for ___________ themselves.

Health care discrimination is what Hillary Clinton wanted, and probably still wants, to bring here. It’s just that we have to let the government be the discriminator. We can see how well this is working out.

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