News from Iraq the Model

The AP, along with the rest of the MSM, has had no comment on this story. Probably the non-existent “police Capt. Jamil Hussein,” sole source for the bogus “6 Sunnis burned alive while Iraq soldiers watch” story did not call this one in.

Renouncing a myth, or ignoring a fact?

It’s really odd that the arrest of “Baghdad Sniper” didn’t get any mention in the news. Of course except for here on Pajamas Media when we reported it two days ago.

…30 more militants have been arrested using intelligence that became available after arresting al-Jubori…

Where’s the MSM from all of this?
If he was a myth, then why were the media running stories about him and his operations in the first place?
And if he was for real, then why are they ignoring his arrest?

I think these questions are rhetorical.