Lessons in the Decline

Wounded to get millions in compensation

Hundreds of troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan are to be awarded millions of pounds in compensation following a ruling by the Government that they are victims of crime not war.

The British claim to independent statehood takes a hit. This makes war; a) Unaffordable for Western democracies, b) A permanent Police Action.

Pick any two.

UN downgrades man’s impact on the climate

Scientists insist that the lower estimates for sea levels and the human impact on global warming are simply a refinement due to better data on how climate works rather than a reduction in the risk posed by global warming.

“Science” and “data” used to mean something.

I, for one, am amazed that better data – indicating a major reduction in the Gravest Danger Ever to Face MankindTM – can be said not to represent a reduction in risk by anyone claiming to be a “Scientist.” Political Scientist, maybe.

Let me parse. “We’ve got a better understanding now. We were off by at least 25%, but that does not mean our grant applications should not be approved.”

The periodicity of this propaganda cycle is not entirely clear yet, but since the major doomsday predictions are only 20 years away, I’ll take a guess at it.

My starting point would be the Global Cooling panic circa 1973. The decline of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scenario (which would have been exactly what was called for based on 1970’s fears) has taken about 25 years. We will be back to “Fear of a new Ice-age”, therefore, in around 25 years.

BTW, did you notice they’re shifting to “Climate Change” as the bugbear? That’ll never go out of style. Whichever way they think the Doomsday thermometer is trending, the grants will keep coming.

Adopt our values or stay away, says Blair

Tony Blair formally declared Britain’s multicultural experiment over yesterday as he told immigrants they had “a duty” to integrate with the mainstream of society.

In a speech that overturned more than three decades of Labour support for the idea, he set out a series of requirements that were now expected from ethnic minority groups if they wished to call themselves British.

These included “equality of respect” – especially better treatment of women by Muslim men – allegiance to the rule of law and a command of English.

If outsiders wishing to settle in Britain were not prepared to conform to the virtues of tolerance then they should stay away. He added: “Conform to it; or don’t come here. We don’t want the hate-mongers, whatever their race, religion or creed.

“If you come here lawfully, we welcome you. If you are permitted to stay here permanently, you become an equal member of our community and become one of us. The right to be different. The duty to integrate. That is what being British means.”

You’d normally call this good news, except Blair is a lame duck and the firestorm of disagreement sure to follow from the relativist poofters.

The pewter lining is that the US might learn something now that free-wheeling, multi-cultural, “assimilation is genocide” proponents will soon have to admit their policies have been demonstrated to be genocide only for the current indigenes.

Wasn’t that the problem with the Europeans, not assimilating with the Mohawk, Sioux, Comanche, Seminole, etc.?

Looks to be a longer periodicity on that one even than “climate change.”

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Update: 8:09PM
Veiled Muslim to give Christmas message on UK TV

What could be said about this? You can check the comments at the link.

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