Thank you to all who’ve served

Veterans Day

President George Bush:

“…Today, our nation pays tribute to those veterans, 25 million veterans who have worn the uniform of the United States of America. Each of these men and women took an oath to defend America — and they upheld that oath with honor and decency. Through the generations, they have humbled dictators and liberated continents and set a standard of courage and idealism for the entire world. This year, 3.5 million veterans celebrate the 60th anniversary of freedom’s great victory in World War II. A handful of veterans who live among us in 2005 stood in uniform when World War I ended 87 years ago today. These men are more than a hundred years old, many of their lives have touched three different centuries, and they can all know that America will be proud of their service.

On Veterans Day, we also remember the troops who left America’s shores but did not live to be thanked as veterans. On this Veterans Day, we honor the courage of those who were lost in the current struggle. We think of the families who lost a loved one; we pray for their comfort. And we remember the men and women in uniform whose fate is still undetermined — our prisoners of war and those missing in action. America must never forget their courage. And we will not stop searching until we have accounted for every soldier and sailor and airman and Marines missing in the line of duty.

All of America’s veterans have placed the nation’s security before their own lives. Their sacrifice creates a debt that America can never fully repay.”

Remembrance Day

Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

“On this solemn day, Canadians gather together to honour the soldiers, sailors and airmen and women, who served and continue to serve our country, and we pause to remember the more than 116,000 men and women who have laid down their lives in defence of Canada.

Today, as Canadians have done for the past 88 years, we pay tribute to the sacrifice made by generations of Canadian military personnel for the protection of our fundamental values and thank them for our freedom.

“November 11 is a time to mourn. It is also a time to celebrate the proud military traditions of our great country. Canada has always answered the call to stand up for freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law. Our commitment to these values is being tested yet again in Afghanistan, and Canadians are rightly proud of the work our brave soldiers are doing to help those less fortunate than us. Their courage and devotion to duty inspires us all.

“I know I speak for all Canadians in expressing unequivocal support and heartfelt gratitude to all our troops and their families. We are holding the torch high. The Canadian heroes who lie beneath the poppies in Flanders fields can rest in peace.”