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Half of Canada’s cancer treatment centres fail to deliver critical treatment in timely fashion.

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement is rightly concerned about the human cost of “free” health care, unfortunately his solution is just to tinker with waiting times rather than attack the structural problem of having bureaucrats control treatment using other people’s money.

Waiting-times failure a worry, Clement says

OTTAWA , TORONTO — Federal Health Minister Tony Clement says the fact that patients at nearly half of Canada’s cancer treatment centres are not getting critical radiation treatments within the target period of four weeks bolsters his argument for guaranteed waiting times.

A study by the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncologists found that only 50 to 60 per cent of the centres are able to provide radiation treatment within the four-week period.

Prostate cancer patients were among the least well served: 70 per cent of Canadian hospitals could not deliver the radiation treatment within four weeks. And breast cancer numbers were also disturbing, with only 53 per cent of hospitals meeting the target.

Mr. Clement said the waiting-time figures, which were obtained by The Globe and Mail, are a worry. But they prove the need for provinces to promise to pay to send patients elsewhere for treatment when it can’t be delivered locally in a timely manner, he told a news conference.

“Benchmarks and targets without recourse is an empty promise,” said Mr. Clement, whose government has made reduced waiting times the centrepiece of its health-care strategy.

“That is why we have sought to engage the provinces and territories, not just to create benchmarks, but to take the next logical step, which is to have the recourse which creates the guarantee.”

Clinically acceptable standards for radiation and four other priority treatments were agreed upon in December of 2005 at a meeting between provincial health ministers and Ujjal Dosanjh, who was then the Liberal minister of health.

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It is testament to the statist hubris of Democrats that they think, like Communism, National Health care failures in Canada and Britain occur only because the right, smart people didn’t design it and aren’t running it.

Democrats think the right people are Democrats, then all will be fine. But why not just import the experts from Canada?

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