Fly US Airways, it’s safer

The Washington Times story is worth reading;

This was plotted. It was intentional. It was a deliberate charade designed to get 6 imams kicked off a flight. It was meant to create victims to appeal to those Americans who despise Western culture. It was done in order to advance the Caliphate in the United States by moving bizarre behavior by Muslim clerics a little closer to common acceptance.

“If a half-dozen Catholic priests insist on conducting a Mass aboard an airliner, they will be told to stop it. Six Baptist preachers won’t be allowed to conduct a revival meeting amidst either the cheap or expensive seats. Jewish mohels can’t perform circumcisions aboard (even for volunteers). We don’t do things like that in America, and no apology is forthcoming.”

[Whole thing at Dhimmi Watch.]

We need to stop feeling guilty about distrusting those who repeatedly shout “Allah!” before boarding an airplane, who take seats not assigned to them – by all the emergency exits – who speak in English and Arabic while decrying the President of the United States, and who ask for seat belt extenders they neither need, nor use.

What was that about, except being weird?