Democrat approval

These are some important committee chairmanships you are approving if you vote for a Democrat for the House of Representatives:

John Conyers (Judiciary) has already conducted impeachment “hearings” on the President.

Charlie Rangel (Ways and Means) has threatened to withold funding from our troops.

Jim McDermott (Ways and Means subcommittee) would push for universal health-care.

Alcee Hastings (Intelligence) was removed from his federal judgeship for reducing the sentences of convicted criminals in exchange for $150,000.

Hastings was impeached in 1988, and convicted in 1989, for this peccadillo. Nancy Pelosi wants to put him in front of Jane Harman, who by seniority would get the job, as the Intelligence Committee chairman.

The House voted 413 to 3 in August 1988 to impeach Hastings; among the 413 – Nancy Pelosi – who you would be approving as 3rd in line for the Presidency.