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Don’t miss Mark Steyn.


N Korea: sanctions would start war

“If the US keeps pestering us and increases pressure, we will regard it as a declaration of war and will take a series of physical corresponding measures,” the … [North Korean] Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Pestering”? “[P]hysical corresponding measures”? What’s the “physical measure” corresponding to “pestering”, taunting with extreme prejudice? Waterboarding?

We’re in this position, of course, thanks to Kim’s sponsors Bill, Madeline and especially Jimmy. According to a liberal think tank.

A Brookings Review Of The Clinton Effort On North Korea

[The Liberal] Brookings [Institution] clearly shows that the Kim regime had started its violations well before Bush took office, and that Clinton’s appeasement policy gave Kim the head start he needed to build nuclear weapons. Pyongyang went nuclear before Bush had a chance to take the oath of office, and the lack of American resolve allowed it to happen.

It’s a start.

‘Azzam the American’ charged with treason

A 28-year-old Californian who joined al-Qaida and appeared in propaganda videos for the terrorist organization was indicted Wednesday on federal charges of treason and aiding terrorists, a U.S. Justice Department official said.

Next, Cindy Sheehan – our domestic equivalent of Tokyo Rose..

Baby “Boomers.”

How to Raise Your Son to Be a Terrorist

On Sunday, October 8, 2006, an Islamic website posted a series of images produced by the Izz al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, titled “How to make his [sic] son terrorist.”


Concluding with an interview of Mark Steyn wherein he discusses his recent visit to Gitmo and the decline of the West.

TCS Daily Spotlight Interview with Mark Steyn (Audio)

…the more you have [militarily] the less you use…

…this whole awful, ghastly, cultural relativism… makes even having a discussion impossible…

…nothing has any more weight than anything else, and it basically strips you of the tools even to discuss these situations honestly…

… I think there is a real open question about whether that kind of society can survive in the long term…

None of this is any surprise to anyone who has played CivII against aggressive, cheating AIs beyond the point where your political system (Republic?) requires a Senate. After that, the chatterers have a focused forum for their efforts to derail any idea of self-defense and the citizens are more concerned about cheap gas than they are about existential threats.