It’s all relative

Jesse Jackson, along with Danny Glover and “the crowd at Mount Olivet Baptist Church,” support the oppression, starvation and murder of Venezuelans by fêting Hugo Chavez, aka “El Loco.”

…Chavez received a round of applause from the crowd at [Harlem’s] Mount Olivet Baptist Church, which included activists and other supporters as well as actor Danny Glover. Some laughed and applauded when Chavez compared Bush to cowboy movie icon John Wayne.

He called Bush’s policies in Iraq criminal, adding he hopes Americans will soon “awaken” and elect a better president. While he opposes Bush, Chavez said the American people “are our friends.”

The Resst of the Story, from the Wall Street Journal via Bizzy Blog – “How Bad Have Things Gotten Inside Venezuela?

…80% of Venezuelans cannot meet the cost of a basic daily diet.

…there have been more homicides in Venezuela during his [Chavez] seven-and-a-half years in office than there have been deaths in any single armed conflict around the world in recent years

…bureaucrats who claim to provide social services …use funds to pay people to attend rallies or bust up opposition gatherings

…there are no opinion programs on network TV [because of] …a “gag law” … making it easy to prosecute journalists

…At OPEC, Chávez fights for increasing prices, making life hard for poor countries that import oil, and then offers those very nations oil subsidies

The average “poor” person in the Unitd States enjoys running hot and cold water, indoor toilets and a more than adequate diet. Many own color television sets and have reliable electricty with which to power them.

In Venezuela “poor” means none of those things and it increasingly means starvation.

American poor have freedom of speech. They are allowed to laugh with a petty tyrant in an American church while he insults the President. In Venezuela, speaking of Chavez as Chavez spoke of Bush is a ticket to “disappearance.” Laughing would be a ticket to prisons so foul that Guantanamo isn’t in the same Universe.

The denizens of Mount Olivet Baptist Church are amoral ingrates. That goes triple for Jackson and Glover. They are indeed friends of Hugo Chavez.