Desensitivity training

… is what is needed.

E-mail to MSA spurs diversity training

Farhan Abdul Azeez, former MSA president and current MSA liaison to the university:
“We’re trying to get more to the root of the problem, which is a misunderstanding of Islam and Muslims. This isn’t just for the Muslim community, but it’s for all minorities.”

Apparently, Mr. Azeez has already gotten to the root of the problem, so I must have missed all the other minorities rioting over cartoons, shooting nuns because the Pope quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor and the video-taped beheadings on YouTube.

Indrek Wichman may have been intemperate, but that would be the worst you could say. “[D]issatisfied, aggressive, brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Moslems” is a fair description of the Jihadis; to which I would add child killers, since they encourage their young to become suicide bombers – even dressing toddlers in bomb-belts. We’re not hearing much criticism of this behavior from MSA or CAIR while their membership is demonstrating for Hamas in Dearborn. So just who is it that misunderstands Muslims? Or is promoting a specific misunderstanding?

The MSA and MSU administrators worked together to organize diversity training for MSU faculty, staff and students. The meetings won’t be mandatory for anyone, but both organizing parties are hoping the topics discussed will attract a wide range of people, said Paulette Granberry Russell, senior adviser to the president for diversity and director of the Office for Affirmative Action Compliance and Monitoring for MSU.

This is one more good reason to vote “Yes” on Proposition 2. We’ll save all the money now going to the “Office for Affirmative Action Compliance and Monitoring.”