Speaking Truth to Idiots…

…several times in a few minutes.

We get hours of Cindy Sheehan video. Canada has Judith Budd.

If a North American Championship of Motherhood were to be conducted with those persons as contestants, we lose.

Not that we do not have mothers, fathers, uncles, daughters with equal courage and in equal pain, but we have not seen them like this. This “press conference” must have added to the pain, but Shane Keating’s family wanted to show how much they loved and supported him.

Before you read the rest of this post, go back up and click the link to the video.

Amazing that this was on CBC. It’s like CNN broadcasting a sympathetic story on a IDF soldier’s mother. However, not satisfied to let this go as a family matter in which they had already intruded, a reporter feels compelled to ask, “Do you think the soldiers should come home?”, as if he’d entirely missed what had been said. Probably he didn’t even listen, and just had this on his to-do list:

“Note to self – ask mother of Canadian soldier just killed in Afghanistan who has just said that she fully supported her son, his mission, the right to self-determination of the Afghan people and Canada’s commitment whether she wants the troops withdrawn. File under: Enhance career prospects in TO.”

Thank you, Shane Keating. Thank you.

H/T Small Dead Animals

I have had occassion to thank SDA before on a similar story, about which I wrote here:

I think it above a 60% probability, that without cynical hacks in power, basic Western values could reassert themselves generally [in Canada]. Better odds than I’d give NYC, LA, Chicago and Miami combined. Those cities have equivalent population to Canada – and more apparently conservative residents on average.

Maybe Canada just needed to be presented with a challenge while someone with the courage to accept it was in a position to act without cynicism. Maybe not. We’ll see.

I’m hoping maybe I underestimated the percentage of Canadians like Judith Budd, and that the probablity of Canada regaining a backbone is higher than 60%.

Canada is an ally much to be desired. Judith Budd just showed us why.