Terrorism charges dropped

TOC referenced a story in the Detroit Free Press on August 10th. The story was titled 2 Dearborn men linked to terrorism

Osama Sobhi Abulhassan and Ali Houssaiky have had terrorism related charges against them dropped. Given the hype surrounding any arrest of those with Muslim connections, this might appear as a complete miscarriage of justice caused by, horrors, PROFILING.

That can’t be completely discounted, but as Diogenes Borealis points out even ignoring their religion/ethnicity, there were many good reasons to hold them on charges of terrorism. If they’d been charged with misdemeanors and released, the police would have been failing in their duty. Given the circumstances, I would have expected to be held on the same charges.

I’m glad they have no terrorist connections. Perhaps they’ll think more about appearances and lying to police in the future.

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