Dateline: 03-August-2006 – Beirut, somewhere in the bowels of the Iranian Embassy (or maybe Dateline: Tehran, cowering in a “safe-house”. We’re not certain where he’s hiding).

Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hizballah, today announced Mel Gibson’s appointment as Hizballah Press Secretary.

Nasrallah said, “Mr. Gibson is perfect for this job because he is a well known figure in infidel media. His views regarding the scrufolous Jew-pig-occupiers will bring a much needed clarity to the international debate.

I have made this appointment because my own frankness on this subject has been an object of ridicule, of praising with faint damns, on CNN – where they find Hizballah hatred for Jews “absolutely fascinating”, as if it is some sort of piffling Manichean sophistry.”

Anderson Cooper: “I think what’s been lost in a lot of this coverage is just how anti-Semitic Hezbollah is in the rhetoric.”

Jeffry Goldberg: “It’s absolutely fascinating, Anderson, the anti-Semitism. There’s two things that are fascinating about it. One is how embedded in the core of Hezbollah ideology anti-Semitism is. And I don’t mean anti-Israel thinking or anti-Zionism. I mean frank, anti-Semitism. The other thing that’s so interesting about it is how blunt they are and how frank they are about their anti-Semitism. They don’t hide it. They don’t try to mask it in any way. They state very openly to you when you ask their exact feelings about Jews, which are quite extreme.”

“I want to say to these dhimmi morons that the annihilation of the Jews is not some effete “fascinating” rhetoric of the camel spit! I seriously want Israel to be destroyed! Then, I want every Jew-monkeydog in the world beheaded! Of course I state it openly!! How many times do I have to do so? Where have these sand-fleas been for the last forty years?

I asked myself, what good is having CNN as the backup propaganda arm to Al-Jazeera if they make such asinine conversation?!??

My hope is that Mr. Gibson can get the point through to these submarginal infidels. They certainly did not find HIS comments “fascinating.”

What am I, chopped liver?”

H/T Rush Limbaugh