Conspiracist fact checking

Juxtaposition of this Lansing State Journal letter to the editor…

Foiled attack a ploy?

Just when it seems Bush’s ratings couldn’t get much lower and the Republican Congress couldn’t pull off an election if they paid for it, we suddenly have a new terrorist threat materialize for the Republicans to play as a trump card in the upcoming election.

Gee, how convenient. How much do you want to bet that much of what happened these last couple of days regarding this “foiled attack” was orchestrated by the Bush administration? Think I’m paranoid? Just think back on how often Bush twisted the facts for his own purposes. He wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if it flew up his nose.

Vance Boyd

…with today’s news:

Eleven suspects in the alleged UK airport terror plot have been charged – as police revealed they had found bomb-making equipment and martyrdom videos.

…is instructive in the mental state of far-left conspiracy theorists.

The relatively stable, if more credulous among us, might accept bomb-making material and martyrdom videos as hobbies, or evidence of working toward Jihad-Scout merit badges.

It must be somewhat more difficult, however, to impugn MI5 with concern about George Bush’s poll ratings; but Mr. Boyd, in the grip of a snit too powerful to admit any actual evidence, is not inconvienienced in the least.

The Other Club anticipated Mr. Boyd on August 14th:

The LSJ recently lamented that we’ve lost track of the fact that we’re at war. However, the fact that the phrase “We’re at war!” has been shouted from the rooftops does not matter to those who hold the following beliefs simultaneously:

a) The United States brought 9-11 on in the first place by oppressing the terrorists.
b) The twin towers weren’t destroyed by terrorists, they were bombed by the United States government.

c) Therefore, every alleged terrorist plot is a put up job by Britain or the United States in order to cover their tracks.

Please. And, Mr. Boyd, in answer to your question – Yes.