UN Success story

UN guns meeting ends in disarray

Canada, which helped push through a land-mine treaty at a 1999 Ottawa meeting, said in its statement that the international community “must do everything in its power to stop the carnage wrought by the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons, while respecting the legitimate interests of lawful firearms producers, exporters, retailers and users.”

The problem is that Canada does not think possession of small arms by private citizens is a “legitmate interest”, and neither do most of the thugocracies that compose the UN.

U.N. Conference on Arms Ends in Failure

Despite the failure, delegates planned to raise many of the same issues in the U.N. disarmament committee _ where consensus is not needed for agreement _ to begin preparing a treaty that would make law out of many of the global principles supported by non-governmental groups.

“[C]onsensus is not needed for agreement”? An explanation of that would be interesting.