How to deal with North Korea

This is so blindingly obvious that I can’t believe no one else has pointed it out. (I’m holding off reading Scrappleface until I finish this post.)

We need to immediately appoint former President Jimmy Carter as minister plenipotentiary to North Korea. The arguments are compelling:

  • Anything Carter agrees to we can ignore, if for no other reason than that of “turnabout is fair play.”
  • He has speeches, and a sweater, he can reuse to address the North Korean people about energy shortages.
  • Since he is still playing the same tune as he was when he was duped in 1994, Carter is at least as certifiably looney as Comrade Il.
  • It could keep Carter out of the United States for years.

Mr. President, if Karl Rove has not already suggested this it is time you look for a new advisor.

Update: 8:17 – Added Chavez reference. H/T Dust my Broom