Gererals Fighting the Last War?

Hizballah and Hamas are products of a world that had Saddam Hussein in control of a powerful military force a couple of hours from Israel’s eastern border. No longer. Could it be that they have underestimated or ignored the implications of this? At least one military source is saying just that. The London-based Arabic language newspaper Al-Hayat, quotes an unnamed Pentagon source:

“Hizbullah made the same mistake as Hamas when it did not predict the ramifications of its actions and ignored the regional and international changes since the fall of Saddam Hussein.”

2 thoughts on “Gererals Fighting the Last War?”

  1. I can only hope that the logical conclusion, and the only real solution to this problem, is that Israel declares a formal state of war with Syria and removes that regime permanantly.

  2. As if an alliance with Syria wasn’t foolish enough, it was a big mistake for Iran to supply missiles and firing crews to Hezbullah, for one example. Iran jumped the shark by sponsoring a second kidnapping with the Hamas object lesson in front of them. Iran had to deliver when Israel not only didn’t roll over, but started kicking the crap out of their pet terrorists. I wonder what Iranian Generals are thinking about the timing? The Americans on one front, the Israelis on another?If the Bush doctrine means anything, then the US is not going to rein in Israel.