Captain Custer & Captain Sitting Bull

A 1963 recording by comedian Bill Cosby, titled “Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow Right!”, includes a cut called the “Toss of the Coin”. In one of the vignettes from it the referee tosses a coin and says something like this:

“Cap’n Custer call the toss”

“You call heads. It’s tails.

“Cap’n Sittin’ Bull, what do you want to do?”

“OK, Cap’n Custer. Cap’n Sittin’ Bull says you and your men wait at the bottom of this hill while him and all the indians in the world ride right down on you.”

This is how the MSM and a vast majority of nations in the UN, as well as many people in the U.S. and other western countries, see the war against the Islamo-facists. The Islamists are subject to no rules. They get to kidnap, murder, behead, terrorize civilian populations, bomb subways, and launch rockets. Their opponents (mainly the US, Britain, and Israel with help from some of the other western democracies ) are allowed to do nothing but talk. The Allies get to talk while Iran proliferates nuclear weapons; Israel gets to talk while its northern cities are under rocket attack; the U.S. gets to talk while its cities are attacked and its Marines in Baghdad have their patrols ambushed by IEDs. Londoners get to talk while their subways are bombed. Indians get to talk while women and children in Bombay are murdered.

But if they do any more than talk, as Bush, Blair, and now Olmert have tried to do, then you suffer the wrath of Kofi Annan, Jacques Chirac, and John Murtha. These striped-shirts are empowered by the likes of CNN, NBC, Hollywood, BBC, Reuters, CBC, The LA Times, NPR, The Globe and Mail, and The Pink Lady to toss the coin and read us the rules. Of course, if you call heads, it’s tails and vice versa.

And even the talk must be strictly limited. No offensive cartoons, please.

But from the looks of it, Olmert, unlike Bush has the support of his domestic political opposition.

1 thought on “Captain Custer & Captain Sitting Bull”

  1. The Israeli opposition can read the dictionary. So they are able to find and understand the meaning of the word “war.”And, unlike Murtha et. al., they understand what it means to lose a war.