Another UN success story

Extending Paladin’s reference to Bill Cosby’s referee, it is interesting to observe that the United Nations has had “peacekeepers” in Lebanon, the United Nations “Interim” Force in Lebanon, since the Israelis withdrew in 1978.

UNIFIL is currently primarily deployed along the U.N. drawn Blue Line dividing Israel (and the Israeli Golan Heights) and southern Lebanon. Its activities have centred around monitoring military activity between Hezbollah and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) with the aim of reducing tensions and allaying continuing low-level armed conflict, at which they have of course been remarkably successful. UNIFIL has also played an important role in clearing landmines, assisting displaced persons, and providing humanitarian assistance in this underdeveloped region.

UNIFIL forces have fallen out of favour in Israel and claims that little regard has been given to their safety by the IDF [1] following accusations that it was complicit in a fatal abduction of IDF soldiers in October 2000. Suspicions persist although the UN has published a report denying complicity[2], though they have yet to explain why they lied to Israel about the existence of video recording the kidnapping. Israel is lobbying for UNIFIL to either take a more active role vis-a-vis Hezbollah (for example, preventing Hezbollah from setting up military posts adjacent to UNIFIL’s in the hope this will deter Israel from attacking them), or to step out of the region (thereby voiding the Lebanese government’s excuse for not deploying its army along the border) [3].

UNIFIL currently employs some 2000 soldiers, 50 UNTSO observers and 400 civilians [4]. The force includes troops from Ghana, Poland, India, France, Ukraine, Italy and Ireland. Its annual budget is about US$100 million. UNIFIL is led by French Major General Alain Pellegrini, formerly French military attache in Beirut and head of the mideast division of the French military intelligence.

Emphasis mine. Some of this must be tongue in cheek – “at which they have of course been remarkably successful”?

UN resolution 425 (1978) required the following:

1. Confirming the withdrawal of Israeli forces;
2. Restoring international peace and security;
3. Assisting the Government of Lebanon in ensuring the return of its effective
authority in the area.

The UN’s utter failure to assure points 2 and 3 forced the Israelis to invade Lebanon again in 1982. Israel again withdrew in 2000.

Let’s see, 1978 to 2006 at $100 million a year. That’s 1.3 billion$, 30% of which comes from American taxpayers. This seems like a bad bargain, even without the deaths of 234 US Marines (there to assist the UN mission) in a 1983 suicide bombing.

Which terrorists carried out this bombing? Hezbollah.

No sane country can play by UN rules. I hope the United States is bending every covert effort to help the Israelis destroy this scum. At very least, Hezbollah is unlikely to see any active support from Iran or Syria while our troops are stationed near their borders – and while the President is heard to say that Syria needs to tell Hezbollah “to stop this shit.”

7:23PM, End This Proxy War Once and For All