Another Canadian soldier speaks out…

The Iceberg of Ignorance


Mark Steyn offer some corroboration. A case of forsaken identity

Update, 8:02PM
More direct evidence from the Toronto Star:

The deaths of seven Canadians during Israel’s bombing of Lebanon — including a family with three preschoolers — have not changed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s position on the crisis in the Middle East.

…Harper, meantime, said he has not contacted Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert seeking an explanation of the air strike that killed the Canadians on Sunday, nor had his officials.

“The onus remains on the parties that caused the conflict to take steps to end the conflict,” said Harper.

“But obviously we urge Israel and others to minimize civilian damage. It is difficult, though. We recognize it is difficult when you’re fighting a non-governmental organization that’s embedded in a civilian population.”

Critics say that is exactly why Harper’s statements on the conflict have been rash.

The Canadian Arab Federation issued a release holding Harper responsible for the dead Canadians because he had not urged restraint on Israel.

“I don’t think that warrants a response,” Harper shot back when questioned about the statement Monday. “It’s a bizarre accusation.”

Several Canadian Jewish organizations have supported the government’s position.

Harper initially called Israel’s military action, including bombing Beirut airport, a “measured response” as he travelled to Europe last week.

Asked twice Monday if he still thinks Israel’s military reaction is measured or whether he regrets that characterization, the prime minister replied:

“I think our evaluation of the situation has been accurate. Obviously there has been an ongoing escalation and, frankly, ongoing escalation is inevitable once conflict begins.”

Duh. It’s a position, not a convenience.