An exchange of views

Appearing recently in the Lansing State Journal.

Friday, July 14, 2006
Review 9/11 case

It’s important for people to know that a substance called Thermate, used in controlled demolitions, has recently been found on samples of steel taken from the former Twin Towers in New York. This evidence suggests a different scenario as to how and why the buildings came down and raises serious questions as to who is responsible for 9/11.

I hope this will prompt an open discussion without the usual acrimonious labeling for those who question the official version.

Hilary Jacobs
East Lansing

I, sort of, aim to please.

Monday, July 24th
Explain conspiracy

Dear “United States is evil” theorists everywhere,

It is important for those of you who blame the US government for the murder of nearly 3,000 people on 9/11/2001 to help us integrate the following hypotheses into a Grand Unified Theory of American Depravity:

FDR knew the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor.

AIDS was invented to wipe out the black race.

Alien (from space) corpses are preserved in Roswell, Nevada.

We never actually landed a man on the moon.

The levees in New Orleans were blown up by the Bush administration in order to kill black people.

Let’s begin an open discussion: How can anyone who actually believes the US government was complicit in destroying the WTC still be living in this country except as an armed revolutionary? Would electing a new president – pick any sentient being – even mildly inconvenience an evil of such magnitude?

Duane Hershberger

The discussion is opened.

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  1. I can understand how NASA faked the video of the moon landing. It was all done in a studio. Any decent cinematographer could have handled the job.But just how did Bush fake those airplanes crashing into the WTC towers? The 2nd one on live TV must have been particlularly difficult. Even with Israeli help, I’m just not sure……Lady Astor