Peace, Order and Good Government – Not.

Three security agents of the United States government were surrounded by insurgents and dragged from their vehicle. The vehicle was then used in an attempt to run down a police officer.

This happened in a foreign country. No word yet on U.S. reaction.

CTV report here.

Similar crimes have been committed against the press. See also.

Where did this happen?

The country was Canada. The insurgents, who have caused millions of dollars in property damage, were Mohawk Indians who have held an entire community hostage – a bridge has been burned, rail traffic has been brought to a halt and a power station was put off-line with a crude car bomb.

This has been going on for months while Ontario Provincial Police are, apparently, forced to merely observe.

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  1. This has been going on for so long it’s not funny. Wapole island is a huge staging ground for meth and illegal smuggling into Michigan, yet the OPP refuses to enforce the law there.