Note to Della Sentilles

Dear Ms Sentilles,

Earlier this year, in defense of the former Taliban regime’s treatment of women, you wrote that having a former Taliban ambassador (with a 4th grade education) as your fellow student at Yale did not dispose you to comment on Taliban treatment of Afghani women, women whose gunshot-to-the-head executions in a soccer stadium was general knowledge, because:

As a white American feminist, I do not feel comfortable making statements or judgments about other cultures, especially statements that suggest one culture is more sexist and repressive than another. American feminism is often linked to and manipulated by the state in order to further its own imperialist ends.

Judging how the Taliban treated women was beneath you, or above you, or whatever.

You will be glad to know that your forbearance has had positive results. Wife-Beating Is Permitted by Islam in Muslim Countries, but Is Forbidden in the West according to the Mufti of Egypt.

The Mufti has made it official, you no longer even have to explain anything. At least until Sharia is law established here.

H/T Relapsed Catholic

And, by the way, a long overdue H/T to Keith, whose comment got you to display the amoral, narcissist vacuum between your ears to the whole world. Thanks, Keith.