Earthowners’ insurance

Even though, after Kelo, it is hard to figure out who owns anything worth insuring.

Roy Spencer at TCS Daily presents an observation on an AP story wherein Al Gore’s belief that “it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations*” is celebrated. Spencer:

…”Doing something” about global warming has been likened by many to buying insurance. But while it would be stupid not to have homeowners insurance, it would also be stupid to buy homeowners insurance when the price is more than your home costs.

The whole thing.

To strain the insurance analogy – AM Best’s Long-Term “Credit”ability Rating for Al Gore is “c” – Extremely Speculative.

* Gore may have learned the idea of using English in this manner from Bill Clinton, but Al is unable to execute.
“Over-representation of factual presentations” is too easy to parse. It does not even hint at the Clintonian invitation to ponder the meaning of “is” – which was at least as clever as some of the excuses we gave our mothers when we were 10. Gore’s best is a crossword-puzzle, newspeak clue for “lie.”