Three to read

Don Boudreaux Explains Why Our Existing K-12 Schools Won’t Ever Deliver Desired Results

It’s like government run supermarkets. The lettuce has to pass a standardized national test that cannot take into account whether the lettuce is brown.

Media continues to howl over amendment to House Bill 9
According to newspapers, concealed carry permit holders’ names should be published – in your local newspaper. What part of “concealed” don’t you Ohioans understand?

Howard Dean: Tin-eared Politician
Just another example. Tin-eared is an understatement. And, yeah, I love him, too.

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  1. Perhaps a mildly interesting anecdote. Some years ago I participated in a review of proposals from local schools/groups for federal dollars via the U.S. Department of Education. Following the distribution of funds, I received a questionnaire stating that in the following year, more federal dollars were to be allocated. The questionnaire asked for programmatic suggestions re how those dollars might be allocated. In youthful earnestness I responded that it seemed to me that means and ends had reversed positions, and that if the purpose of the funding had not been based upon predetermined need, perhaps the funding should be allocated at all. I was never invited to review proposals again; perhaps because of deficient performance (as compared to the other 40 or so reviewers whose individual contributions were tracked no more than mine)– or perhaps not.:-)JPM