The Boomer Left

There is a great segment today in James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today.

Read the first section under the heading – Iraq and the Liberal Baby Boomers.

An excerpt:

Baby-boomer liberalism, with its smug sense of moral superiority and its impatience with America’s imperfections, is today the prevailing worldview among many of our elite institutions, not least the so-called mainstream media.

Know anybody like that? If you’re an American it’s almost impossible that you don’t. If you’re a Canadian you most certainly do. If you’re European the chances are you don’t know anyone who isn’t.

Read the whole thing at the link above.

Thomas Sowell has a piece in the same vein. It includes these paragraphs:

… For those liberals who lived through the 1960s, that was often also the springtime of their youth, increasingly treasured as a memory, as the grim realities of old age settle down upon them today. It is expecting an awful lot to expect them to consider any alternative vision of the world, especially one that shatters the beautiful picture of themselves as wise and compassionate saviors of society.

But what are the facts?

Read the whole thing to find out.

Unfortunately, Dr. Sowell, facts do not matter to Boomer Liberals. But keep the faith.